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Our e-commerce website went live in 2011 to accommodate our online sales. Featured on the site are the Maple Run Emporium line of  maple products - Pancake Mixes, Maple Peppers, Coffees, Teas, BBQ Sauce, Gourmet Spread, and Scented Bar Soaps. We offer Grade A Maple Syrup in Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. Our site also showcases our Artisan Gallery of locally handcrafted pottery, wood, and ceramics.


49 Market Street, Potsdam, New York

Located in a quaint village downtown district, the Maple Run Emporium brick building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The shop features maple specialties, gourmet foods, cookware, utensils, cutting boards, textiles, stemware, and books. A highlight of the shop is the Artisan Gallery showcasing locally made wood bowls, baskets, pottery, and paintings.


The Maple Run Emporium storefront listings appear in several categories. Click the link above to shop our current listings.

Maple Bacon Onion Gourmet Spread


Maple Bacon Onion Gourmet Spread


  • You’ll Always Be Ready To Entertain – Our delicious gourmet spread makes easy appetizers. Perfect on your charcuterie board. Especially good with cheese and crackers.

  • Quick Gourmet Flavor For Grilling, Roasting, Toasting – Spoon on steaks, chicken and burgers for extra zest. Brush on and baste oven-baked meats and poultry. Spread on toasted bread and bagels. Amazingly good on grilled cheese and pizza.

  • Make Richer Sauces, Gravies, Soups And Stews – Simply stir tablespoons of our gourmet spread into your recipe and enjoy the boosted flavor of your creation. Your family will love the heightened taste.

  • Packed In Cardboard Shipping Boxes To Avoid Breakage – Our 10-ounce glass jars are sealed in bubble wrap bags, placed in freight standard cardboard boxes, and packed with paper shred for transport to you.
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